Madiya Yoga and Dance

Project Description

Tenzin Dolker is a Tibetan, born and raised in exile in a Tibetan refugee camp in South India. She is a dancer, choreographer, yoga instructor and a co-founder of Dharamshala Dance Arts in Dharamshala, India.

 Since childhood, Dolker has been passionate about dance, theatre and body movement, and was actively involved in choreographing and performance during her school and college years, but in 2013 she began her profession as a Bollywood dance teacher and yoga instructor. Previous to her path in dance and yoga, Dolker served as the Grassroots Director of Students for a Free Tibet, India, and as a career consultant for the Tibetan youth of Dharamshala under USAid.

Now residing in Oklahoma, Dolker mostly teaches as a freelance Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dance instructor, with classes in Bollywood as well as other traditional Indian dance forms.

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