Porok Karpo

Project Description

For a long time Tibetan singer «Loten Namling» carried the wish to bring Tibetan freedom songs to the western world. Tibetans in Tibet risk their lifes to sing these songs. Many of them are in prison for simply asking for basic human rights and the return of the Dalai Lama!

With Mik Keusen (piano), Philipp Moll (bass) and Muso Stamm (drums) they where lucky to find the perfect companions to complete this extra ordinary TIBETAN -SWISS band Porok Karpo, thus fulfilling the vision of Loten Namling.

Porok Karpo’s music is both raw and filigree, where intimate sceneries lead to powerfull episodes. The raw rhythmic fundament by drums and bass combined with evolving piano & guitar patterns bulid the landscape in which singer Loten Namling tells the story of the the Tibetan people and their struggle to lead a self-determined life.

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