Tibetan Butter Tea Inspired The Famous Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee founder David Asprey visited Tibet in 2009. When he started trekking in Tibet ,his body went through Acute Mountain Sickness. He then tasted yak-butter tea for the first time and he couldn’t stop drinking it. The popular local butter tea transformed him, making him feel almost superhuman.  When he returned to the United States, he tried to reproduce what he had back in Tibet.  After lots of research, he started experimenting with coffee. Asprey blended low-mold beans with the coconut oil and grass-fed butter, which is higher in omega-3 fatty acid than regular butter. It was delicious. Bulletproof coffee was born.

In 2014 Bulletproof Coffee was featured on some popular shows such as Good Morning America, Today and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Asprey managed to raised $2 million from angel investors. This Coffee has a following of over three million consumers. By 2015, Bulletproof was operating with 20 employees and had over six million unique visitors to its website. They have Bulletproof Cafe opened in Los Angeles. Bulletproof is an e-commerce coffee and supplement retailer. A 12-ounce bag of Bulletproof coffee sells for $18.95 and a small cup will cost $4.25. The company claims that drinking a mug of their coffee every morning instead of eating breakfast is a secret shortcut to weight and improves brain function.

Asprey describe himself as a biohacker- someone who uses science and technology to make their body function better and more efficiently. He left his job as vice president for cloud security at Trend Micro to run Bulletproof full time. When he was asked on http://www.bloomberg.com/ if he isn’t worried that consuming so much butter will hurt in the long run.  He replied “When I first started trying it, I was concerned. I was, like, all of the data I have says that this butter diet should be safe, and I have years of my own bloodwork, so I’m gonna do this for a while and track all this stuff. And if I start to die, I’ll know it’s not working. But instead I got healthier.”

We haven’t tasted the Bulletproof Coffee but we sure it would taste awesome. The blend of our Tibetan Butter Tea and the coffee does excites us and it could be our next supplement breakfast. What we as Tibetans can learn from this is the creativity and experimental innovations with Marketing skills might churn us the lots of money and earn global fame. So come up with something that would attract the global audience and lead an awesome life. Plus we have Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED) Initiative  who provides end-to-end support for such entrepreneurs in the Tibetan.

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